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Steve Bishop has had the green tartan seat facings and door trim material reproduced.  It has been deliberately re-created in a slightly darker than original green which many will feel is more suitable.  As can be seen, this works very well with the addition of green piping.

Steve can be contacted at bishop.steve2@gmail.com for prices and availability .


‘Premium’ Side Stripes. Available to Order in Gold, Silver, Black or White.

£70:00 per set [TRDC Members], Non-Members - Price on Application.

Note: Owing to the nature of this item, collection only, by arrangement.

E-mail Chris Turner  for Details - chris_turner53@hotmail.com





The TRDC are pleased to announce that we now stock a small supply of gear gaiter ferrules. These small, seemingly insignificant trim items are often either perished or missing completely. Now available in a turned aluminium or a product that closely replicated the black original, the ferrule is easily fitted and takes just a few minutes. First, dis-connect the battery then remove the gear knob. Then two self-tapping screws are taken from the plastic trim retainer that surrounds the handbrake. This allows the gaiter panel to be carefully prised up – all that holds it in place are the four plastic retaining buttons underneath. With the gaiter now free of the car, the ferrule can be gently pushed into place - from the underside - before the item is re-fitted to the car. Ferrules are the same price for either variety - £12:50 + £1:50 P&P. Don’t forget to re-connect the battery!

Contact: trdc.editor@btinternet.com


In the June 2015 Edition of the TR-Driver, our TR8 Registrar Brian Ridley-Jones made mention of the seal for the filler cap [small size caps post VIN ACG25001] and part ZKC3541, the gasket that goes beneath the filler cap. He went on to say that most likely to have perished over the years.  He has now had these vital items re-manufactured.  Image shows the new seal in place with the old seal removed.

Contact: ridleyjones@hotmail.com

FUEL FILLER SEALS (small/late petrol cap) only)


At the 2015 TRDC National Weekend we started a list for potential pre-orders and we are now in a position to request confirmation of these. We’d also welcome any other orders from members.

As a result of additional machining / finishing the final price will be slightly higher than first envisaged at £12 per unit.

One fifth of the wheel centres have already been sold or pre-ordered. I prefer to hand deliver at the Bullet Run, Billing, area meetings etc. for £12 per centre.  However, the cost of post and packing plus insurance for 4 or 5 alloy wheel centres (paypal to ridleyjones@hotmail.com) is listed below:

Contact: ridleyjones@hotmail.com



Original Used   -    NEW      -     NOS


Letter To The Editor.

Here’s a little unsolicited feedback received for the vinyl-paint that was supplied to a local member recently.  Please note that we are unable to send paint through the Royal Mail!

Hi Paul,

See attached pictures of finished interior after painting the door cards, sun-visors, knee pads and the back panel. It looks simply stunning!! I think that it's virtually impossible to tell that it’s actually been painted, and the colour match is spot on!

I still have over half a tin of paint left to use as touch up, but it seems unlikely to be required as it's a pretty robust surface.

A great job Paul. As near to having a ‘new’ interior for just £30.00 – I can’t argue with that!

Regards TRDC Member.

Contact: paul_lewis_1966@hotmail.co.uk

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