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If You Like What You See The Bi-Monthly A5 Booklet Is Only

£6 A Year (U.K.)

£8 A Year (Europe)

£10 A Year (R.O.W.)


March - April 2016

March - April 2016


Donít Forget

That the next B.F.C.C. is on Saturday April 2nd at St. Benedictís School, Ealing, London, W5 2ES. Doors open at 10 a.m., with the large dealerís hall, plus the usual array of top quality film shows on all gauges during the day, if youíve never been, itís a fun day out.

The New Filmtek release The Golden Age of Widescreen is selling well, and you can still order it, all you have to do is choose from either a Blu-ray or DVD copy, the price is the same, only £19.99p plus free post in the U.K. (£4 Europe Ė R.O.W. please ask). See the back page for the advert, plus Iíve done a review of the 3 Disc (yes 3 Discs!) set inside, itís a cracking release once again from Mr. Wilton, and well worth the money.


This Issues Old Stock

8mm Films Offers


From The F/L Size Down To The 2x400í/600í

Size Category There Is A

25% Discount


The Rest of the Sizes Are ALL

35% OFF



April 30th 2016


Please Donít

Forget The

Post & Packing


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March - April 2016


Selected Projector Sale Further Reductions

Iíve reduced the SALE prices on selected projectors that Iíve listed for the last couple of issues, so if youíd like a new (or standby) projector then have a look inside. This is the last issue of these current offers, whatever hasnít sold will return to its original price on the

1st May 2016

So have a look if interested.


My Competitions

People keep asking me if Iím going to do another competition, the trouble is the people who ask are generally those who enter them. My Christmas quiz only had 18 Entries for a £25 Credit Note. I just cannot fathom it out, the last quiz only had 10 Questions, none I thought was really hard, and if youíve got the internet, ALL the answers are available, one way or another. When you think my lists are available each issue via the B.F.C.C. website, so potentially hundreds could enter each competition, and I always give a decent prize, who wouldnít want a £25 Credit Note for a few minutes of your time to think about or find the right answers. Iíll most probably try one again next issue, but if the entries donít improve, then that may be it, once and for all, so if youíd like me to carry on with the competitions, I must have more entrants, as I canít justify giving a Credit Note with the number of people having a go, so in the end itís up to you to enter the competition in the next issue, Just Have a GO!

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8mm Sales List
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