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To help tell this extensive story and in addition to the new interviews with former Standard-Triumph personnel we also dip into the archives for even greater detail and to include more of the men who were there at the time. “The Standard Triumph Story” stands on its own but also ties all the previous documentaries in the long running Triumph Series together and acts as the anchor point from which all the other chapters can be viewed.  Whilst every model has been covered in detail in previous releases we have never enjoyed so many different models in one all-encompassing release.

From the pre-war origins all the way to the end of the marque in 1984, this is the complete history of Standard Triumph.  Dual presentation is by Triumph historians Graham Robson and John Clancy with some additional help from Wayne Scott in the show ring at the 2016 all-Triumph convention held at Lincoln.

Pre-war Standards and Triumphs feature to tell the back story before taking us onto the first post-war cars in the forms of the Triumph Roadster and the Town & Country Saloon (Renown).  We then take in the Standard Vanguard, the Mayflower, the Standard 8 and 10, the complete TR series, the Herald, the Spitfire and GT6, the Stag, the Ajax cars (from the front wheel drive 1300 to the Dolomite) and finally the big Triumphs.

Disc 1 has a total running time of approximately 112 minutes and contains the feature length documentary "The Standard Triumph Story" and the 32 minute interview session with Gordon Birtwistle (Standard-Triumph High Speed Development Engineer) which took place on the Saturday evening of the fabulous 2016 "Bullet Run".


Appearing in the main feature are:

Tony Lee - Standard-Triumph High Speed Development Engineer

Ralph Wigginton - Herald Project Engineer (Chassis)

Norman Rose - Herald Project Engineer (Body) & Spitfire Project Engineer (Body)

Mike Dale CBE - British Leyland Vice-President of Sales & Marketing

George Spence - Executive Engineer TR8 UK

Peter Wilson - TR7 Resident Engineer (Speke, Canley & Solihull)

John Ashford - Triumph Stylist (styled the MkIV Spitfire and MkIII GT6 with Les Moore)

Dave Keepax - Triumph Stylist (styled the Toledo and Dolomite range with Giovanni Michelotti)

R.W. 'Kas' Kastner - US Competitions Manager

Phil Homer - Standard Motor Club Historian

Chad Brown - Mayflower Club Vice-Chairman & Rally Secretary

Gordon Birtwistle - Standard-Triumph High Speed Development Engineer & Deputy Competitions Supervisor

Ray Bates - Standard-Triumph Technical Engineer

Bruce Jones - Triumph Dolomite Club

Plus Wayne Scott, the TR Register Editor, who does a fabulous job of interviewing participants in the show ring and narrating the history behind the Standard-Triumph cars and the Standard-Triumph company.

Graham Robson is the lead presenter in this production (with assistance from John Clancy) and his knowledge of Standard-Triumph is legendary having written so many great books on the marque among the 160+ titles he has penned.  Graham was also the Competitions Secretary at Standard-Triumph reporting directly to Director of Engineering, Harry Webster, so it is an honour to have his talents available to help tell this in-depth story on camera.

Disc 2 has a total running time of approximately 115 minutes and contains:

BRIAN CULCHETH & THE TRIUMPH 2.5PI 1970 WORLD CUP RALLY CAR REUNION - fabulous coverage of this occasion at the 2016 Rally Day when Brian drove the exceptional replica of perhaps his most famous ever rally car which has been re-created by Dave Bullen.  The World Cup car owned by Pat Walker and campaigned by Andrew Cowan joins us as does one of the Mk1 2.5PI survey/service cars for an incredible line-up of three Triumph 2.5PI 1970 World Cup cars.  Ex-Works driver Terry Kaby also joins us and lends his insight into competing with the Triumph Dolomite in the 1970s.

THE MEN BEHIND THE MOTORS: MIKE DALE, CBE (British Leyland VP Of Sales & Marketing) - an extended and insightful interview with the man at the top in the USA who went on to become President of Jaguar in America.

SCENES FROM BLYTON PARK - Extended coverage of the exceptional track day which formed part of the big Standard-Triumph long weekend at Lincoln.

MORE FROM THE LINCOLN SHOW RING - More highlights from the show ring with Graham Robson and Wayne Scott.

NEC Q&A 2014 ON THE TR DRIVERS CLUB STAND - This line-up of figures from Triumph's history formed part of the TR7 40th anniversary commemorations which owing to the model being launched over two sequential years (1975 and 1976) was rather sensibly set to coincide with the start of production at Speke in September 1974.  Events took place all over the world and this was one of them where the TRDC erected a stand to replicate the displays used by British Leyland in the USA where the TR7s wedge shape was accentuated by displaying them on large wedges.  We are joined for this question and answer session by Harris Mann (TR7 Stylist), Bill Price (UK Competitions Manager/Deputy Competitions Manager), a trio of Triumph Stylists - John Ashford, Dave Keepax and Richard Hunt, Gordon Birtwistle (Triumph High Speed Development Engineer) and David Jeanes (TR7 Drophead Chief Engineer).  An occasion never likely to be repeated.