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This is the 60th anniversary national weekend of the Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club.  The pre-war Triumph factory has no relationship to Triumph after the war other than the name and the fact that the chief stylist had already transferred over to the Standard Motor Company, Walter Belgrove.  Hence there was continuity of design and model names.

The first Triumph model to sell in any numbers was the Super Seven and several are on display here.  The Gloria models arrived in the 1930s and with it a reputation for ‘The Smartest Cars In The Land’.  The Gloria Southern Cross brought a sporting reputation and with Donald Healey now on board that sporting reputation would ultimately lead to the salvation of the Triumph name after the Luftwaffe flattened Coventry on 14th November 1940 and with it the Triumph factory.  Standard bought the remnants and the all-important name in 1944.


Extras are a conversation with Pre-1940 Triumph club founder member Alan Hart whose father worked as a manager at the pre-war Triumph factory; plus the Pre-1940 Triumph stand at the NEC Restoration Show in 2018 with Martin Johnson-Howe and Brian Bromwich with their Triumph Gloria and Triumph Dolomite Roadster respectively.

Many Gloria models are on display at Walton Hall for the 60th anniversary rally and also the art deco Triumph Dolomites with the beautiful - but controversial at the time - waterfall radiator grill.  Add a Triumph Vitesse or two into the mix and this production forms a valuable record of pre-1940 Triumph history in 2021.
This was filmed and produced during the Covid-19 pandemic and it was a wonderful piece of normality during an otherwise fairly awful period.