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Renowned tractor enthusiast Bob Ball is the host for this close-up look at the National Vintage Tractor Road Run. This 2018 run will go down as the most spectacular in the history of this long running event. Perfect organization, an excellent venue, great roads and amazing views made for something very special.

The run was hosted by the Teme Valley Vintage Club aided by other Radnorshire and Border tractor clubs. The start was from Bensons Factory Yard in Knighton which was formerly the home of County Tractors.  As a result, over 50 County tractors arrived to take part.

Total running time of this video is approximately 110 minutes whether purchased on DVD or high definition Blu-ray.


The run took the participants on a scenic route up to Offas Dyke, the ancient boundary between England and Wales, where the most breathtaking views were to be seen. The descent then offered wonderful scenery all the way down into the river valley before the tractors finally arrived back at base.

National Vintage Tractor Road Run 2018 is available in PAL format only.  If you are outside of the UK and in an NTSC television standard country please be sure your equipment can handle PAL sourced video.

Bensons Yard is also the home of Clayton Engineering, the last spiritual home of the County tractor.  Clayton still build lifeboat launching vehicles for the RNLI and we were given a unique guided tour of the works for this production.