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Len Barr of the Standard Register talks us through the history of the pre-1931 models on display and Paul Newsome gives us a unique insight into his own 1926 SLO 4 which he has owned for almost fifty years. The prize winning cars in the concours are all shown giving us a look at perhaps the best surviving examples of each of these models.

In this film we visit the Standard International Rally 2010, organized by the Standard Motor Club, to see a fabulous display of Standard cars.  We talk to many of the owners about their cars, to the historians, and to Tony Lee (Standard-Triumph Chief Development Engineer) who joined the Standard Motor Company in January 1946.

The cars range from a 1913 Rhyl to the last of the line 1963 Standard Eight. We take a ride in a 1927 V4 Tourer and learn just what it's like to drive a 1920's vintage car.

We also visit the Pre-1940 Triumph Owners Club to take a look at some of the pre-war sporting cars of the Triumph marque to see just why it was Standard purchased the Triumph brand in 1944. Steve Jacobs shows us his 1933 Triumph Gloria Tourer, the only pre-war Triumph works rally car believed to survive in Britain today; and to Roelof Hazeleger who has the only surviving Super Seven Gnat with original style aluminium bodywork.


The Standard Marque is available in PAL format only.  If you are outside of  the UK and in an NTSC television standard country please be sure your equipment can handle PAL sourced video.