Whilst the race itself was dominted by a batch of very fast Porsches, the Triumph Competition & British GT cars were competing mainly within their own class. And included within that Triumph class are cars from the marques of Marcos, Austin-Healey, MG and TVR. We get the full story from the racers on how they and their cars perform as we follow their progress throughout the weekend. Plus, we witness the exceptional work of the TR8 pit crew as they work through the night in their efforts to satisfy the scrutineers that the IMSA TR8 is ready to race.

This is a racing film like you have never seen before. We are with the genuine racers on what is regarded as one of the greatest circuits in the world. These enthusiasts do it for the thrill of racing a classic British sports car and they love what they do. A remarkable group of people and we are right there with them as they take on the treacherous Nordschleife.

Such was the success of this release that in 2015 we followed it up with ‘Kastner Cup 2015’ filmed at Summit Point in Virginia, USA - the biggest all-Triumph race in the world.

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The Triumph Competition & British GTs racing group competes across Europe at some of the finest race tracks in the world. For many, the full Nordschleife circuit at the Nurburgring is the highlight of the year. We follow these enthusiastic racers during the Historic Trophy weekend as they take part in the three hour endurance race formerly known as the ‘Eifel Race’ which has existed since 1922. Exclusively for touring and sports cars, this race is on the Nordschleife, famous for its undulating terrain, its camber changes, its near 26km length and its twisty course. No wonder it is nicknamed “The Green Hell”.

The Triumph Competition & British GT class racing at the 2014 Historic Trophy on the complete circuit at the Nurburgring which combines the Grand Prix track and the infamous Nordschleife. Over 25km per lap!  See all the action in this unique DVD.  View the preview trailer here!


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