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Bob Ball presents another classic tractor extravaganza and this time it is the turn of models from the marques of Leyland, Nuffield and Marshall.

 From Leyland we have the diminutive 154, the 245, 270, 344 and the 462 Synchro.

From Nuffield the Universal 4, the 3/45, the 4/65 and a tiny BMC Mini from 1967.

Finally, from Marshall we have a 302, an 802 and a pair of Field Marshalls.

One particular highlight for many will be the sight of a Nuffield Universal 4 demonstrating a land drive spreader which was used prior to the land being ploughed by the army of classic and vintage machinery in attendance.


Leyland Nuffield Marshall Tractors At Work is available in PAL format only.  If you are outside of the UK and in an NTSC television standard country please be sure your equipment can handle PAL sourced video.

Filmed at Trewen Farm, Piper's Pool in Cornwall on Saturday 6th April 2014.