Mike Dale (British Leyland Vice President of Sales & Marketing) was to become a very important figure with regards to using racing as a promotional tool and it was his idea to use Group 44 Inc. to take Jaguar back to Le Mans in 1984.  This amazing story led to a resurgence of Jaguar worldwide and Mike is on hand to explain exactly how this came about and more.

This unique documentary is packed with archive film and interviews with the people who were there at the time.  It forms an important record of this iconic American race team.

Also included are 30 minutes of additional interview sections to delve even deeper into the legend that is Group 44 Inc.

Bob Tullius gives us the full, inside story with no holds barred of those exciting days and he is joined by many of his former colleagues and crew members.  Amongst them are Ed Diehl, Paul Brand, Steve Knoll, Bob Krokus, Glen Sullivan, John Lyster, Dick Gilmartin and telling the story of that first meeting at Triumph’s headquarters which led on to such remarkable achievements is Triumph Public Relations and Advertising Manager Mike Cook.

This is the complete history of the Group 44 Inc. race team which was so dominant in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) racing in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.  From the origins of the team when Bob Tullius  first joined up with fellow racer and first class mechanic Ed Diehl to the fabulous Jaguar V12 GTP race cars with which the team officially took Jaguar back to Le Mans this is the full story up to the team’s closure in 1989.

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