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The Historic Marathon Rally Group had arranged a commemoration of this historic rally for the 50th anniversary in 2020 but Covid-19 spoiled their plans.  It was May 2022 before the gathering at the British Motor Museum could take place and this acts as the focus for this documentary detailing the greatest rally of all time as told by the people who took part.

Much archive film has been discovered from the competitors, much of it transferred to video and seen for the first time in this production.  Also, a wealth of stills many of which are also previously unseen. Combine This with the new interviews and anecdotes from the participants and this therefore comes together as a unique and important record of the greatest rally of all time.

The main documentary runs for just over an hour and then in addition there is an extended interview with John Hemsley and his incredible story of what went into finally qualifying as a finisher on this event.

Please note that some of the film transfers were not carried out in-house and are therefore of variable quality but still included for their historic importance.


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